Hello! Sorry for not posting recently! I have been so busy with school here lately! 😦

I got some new doll clothes and thought I would do a Easter photo shoot. Here you go!







That’s all! Ok guys hopefully I will be able to post more soon because school is almost out for the summer. Also big announcement! I have been nominated for an award which will be coming soon! 😀 See you in my next post! Bye!!

-Me and the Dolls



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First Photostory!

Hi guys! So here lately I’ve been getting more views! Thanks guys! Anyhow, here is my first photostory!

The Christmas Tree



“Wake up Emily! Mom said we can put up the tree!” says Rebecca excitedly.


“Ok, ok. Let me wake up!” sighs Emily.


“I’ve got the present ornament!” says Rebecca.


“Almost done! Good thing Mom put the lights and heavier things on for us.” says Emily happily.


“I’ll plug it in!” says Rebecca, rushing to the cord.


“Beautiful.” say Emily and Rebecca at the same time, smiling.

So? What do you guys think? I Had so much fun making it! Anyhow, see you guys tomorrow! Byeeeeeeee!

~Me and the Dolls


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Interview with Madison!

Hi! So I finally got that Interview with DWOD! I was busy yesterday and the day before so that’s why there where no posts. Anyways, here it is.

1. How did your blog become so popular?

Aw, that means so much to know you think my blog is popular! 😀 When my blog first started, I commented on others’ blogs a lot and sent in pictures for From a Friend Friday at AmericanGirlFan.com just for fun. I made friends with people online through American Girl Fan and they came to my blog through that. Overtime, my blog grew bigger, and many of my online friends had their own blogs on which they would mention me. Recently I decided to take a big step in growing my blog with its new look, and many people have shared about my 18″ AG doll giveaway on their blogs. Growing a blog takes time, but it’s super fun! I’m amazed to see how many amazing people visit my blog now and I’ve made so many absolutely phenomenal online friends.

Cool. I’ll try doing that. I’ve been thinking about a giveaway.

2. When was your first post?

When Delightful World of Dolls first started, Molly reigned and ruled it all… she wrote the first post I’m Molly and You Know It (the title of which was completely stolen from the first post of a now non-existent blogger I admired back then). 😛


3. Do you post everyday?

No, but when I first started and had lots of free time, I pretty much did. 😉 Now I aim to post about every other day, like every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sometimes, though, I only post twice a week. 😀

I’m still working on my posts.

4. Do you have any social media where people can talk to you?

I moderate a message board my friend Abbie started – it’s called AG Homeschool. I’m pretty active on there. I also have a YouTube channel for Delightful World of Dolls. I’m actually hoping to start some other social media accounts, too, and I’ll let everyone know when that happens. 😀

I have a Twitter and a Paigeeworld. If you don’t know what PaigeeWorld is, Go check it out! I’m EllaLuvsPink on both.

5: What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS 60D with a 50mm lens. My sister, who is a professional photographer, lets me use and pretty much keep it in my possession. 😉


6: Do you make any of your dolls clothes?

I do! Making clothes for them is really fun, and the no-sew ones are easy. And I’m not an amazing seamstress or anything, but I do sew clothes for my dolls sometimes. 😀

I’ve tried. Lol failed.

7: Besides the AG store, where do you get your AG clothes?

Sometimes I make them myself, and other times I get clothes from other 18″ doll brands. 😀


8: Do you have any tips for fellow bloggers?

Whenever you make your posts, be sure to remember: Quality over quantity! Even just one amazing post a week is better than six posts that are just “meh.”

That’s a good one.

9: What are some of your favorite blogs?

Ahh! Now that’s a hard one! I honestly can’t choose just a few favorites. There are so many awesome ones out there!

So many right!

10: What’s coming next to your blog?

A Blast from the Past™! I can’t say anymore… but I’m hoping everyone will like it and that a lot of people will participate! 😀

That sounds cool!

Bonus! 11: What would you like to see on my blog?

I think it’s be really cool to have “About This Blog” and “About Me” pages. That way people can learn more about you and your awesome blog! 😀

I’m trying to figure those out.

Thank you so much for interviewing me! It was so fun and I really enjoyed it. Happy Thanksgiving!

No problem! Happy Thanksgiving! Byeeeeee!

~Me and the Dolls

P.S Sorry for not posting! I’m getting busier with the holiday season!







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Here is my button, fell free to comment or just take it! Also, the interview with Madison  is coming later today!



Any how just wanted to do that so see ya later! Byeeeeee!


~Me and the Dolls



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I am so sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday! I just got busy! Anyhow here is a  photo shoot of Rebecca iceskating. Not as many pictures as the sleepover one either. 🙂



In case you where wondering, yes I made the bracelet.


Her hair is so shiny in this picture! :O



Once again I am so sorry for not posting yesterday! I don’t know how that happened! Anyhow, see you tomorrow where I interview Madison from DWOD (Delightful Word of Dolls) Here is her website http://delightfulworldofdolls.com/  Byeeeeeee

~Me and the Dolls



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Ok, so I know I said I probably wouldn’t post today, but I felt like I should post this.

Mondays: Minecraft build

Tuesdays: Photoshoot

Wednesdays: Interview hopefully

Thursdays: Photoshoot

Fridays: My attempt at a Photostory

And Saturdays: Short story

That’s it for today. Byeeeee!

~Me and the dolls


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Sleepover photoshoot

So with  most of my 18″ dolls and a couple littler ones I did a little sleepover photoshoot. They are all dressed in they’re fleece pjs because where we live it is snowing while I write this. Any how, here you go! 🙂


This one in the ballerina outfit is my sisters, and nicknamed “Pinky”


This is Zoe. She is a Journey Girl I believe.


I love her little bat!


So that’s Zoe! I love her hair! 😀

This is just a Cinderella toddler doll.





The girls stuffed animals. The cow is Trixie’s and the ocelot is Rebecca’s.


A full body of Rebecca


One of Trixie.


The girls together. (almost done! :O)


Rebecca and Trixie having a pillow fight. (what are they’re animals doing?!)


Time for bed! (Finally!)

Any how guys that’s all for today! I probably not post anything tomorrowbut we will see! Byeeeeee!!

~Me and the Dolls




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This is my AG doll, Rebecca. I’ve had her for 3 years but she’s 11. She wants to tell you a few things about herself before she goes to read.

Hi! I’m Rebecca! I am 11 years old. My birthday is on April 15. I love to bake and read. I’m homeschooled  just like my mom just like my mom, the owner of this blog! She likes to draw. Maybe someday I’ll sneak on here and show you something’s she’s done. Anyhow, I’m gonna go finish read this book. Bye!



So what do you or your AG dolls like to do in your spare time? Read like Rebecca? Or maybe draw? There’s all sorts of stuff! Here’s some pictures of Rebecca reading. Bye!


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Sucked In. Chapter 4. Into the Nether?


Raven’s POV (Point of View)

“Where are we Luna?” Says Raven while pulling out a tablet “I don’t know. Is this, Minecraft?” says Luna while looking around. A big fiery white ghost looking thing appears in front of them and shoots a big fireball at them. “GHAAASTTTTT!” scream Raven and Luna at the same time.  “TRY HITTING THOSE FIREBALLS BACK AT IT!” Screams Luna. “Luna stop screaming! It won’t help! Anyhow I am.” Says Raven while deflecting fireballs. “Yea I see that. Anyhow you killed it” says Luna. “Oh, yea I did,didn’t I! But now we have to figure out who he is” While pointing at The White Wizard. “Who? Ohhh him. Yea who is he?” asks Raven.

Lilly Demoz POV (Point of View)

“Do not fear. I am the White Wizard. I am here to tell you of a great prophecy that you to appear to be living right now.” says the Lilly calmy. “Uh-hu….sure.” say Raven and Luna while slowly nodding their heads. “I know you do not believe me, but it is true. I will tell you on our walk to a safe place, for now, hide.” says Lilly. “Why should we hide?” asks Raven. “Um. Raven look behind us. I’m assuming that’s why. RUUUUUNNNN!!!” says Luna while pointing at an army of ghasts attacking them. “Makes sense. AHHHHH!!!” screams Raven while running to hide behind a rock. “Don’t worry girls. I will kill them. But for now, stay there.” says Lilly oddly calm.

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Sucked In. Chapter 3. Portals and Love

Benjamin Wade’s POV (Point of View)

Hey Matt! Whats up! I wonder when that Mercury girl will get here….Huh? Wha? Nope, nothing! Like her?! Uhhhhh nope definitely not! *nervous chuckle* Yea nope nothing! Anywho, I got first period, See ya! *thinks to self* Oh mercury’s sooo pretty! I wonder why she’s not here today…. *bell rings* Finally! Maybe I could go to Mercury’s house… Oh Matt! Hey dude! Yea I have to go… Bye! * runs to Mercury’s house* Not home! Where is she!

Luna’s POV (Point of View)

Bye Midnight, says Luna, as she rushes off to school. “I wonder If Benjamin and Raven will be there today!” says Luna. Luna gets to school chats with Raven and stares at Benjamin. *the bell rings* “Hey Raven,” says Luna, “Wanna walk home with me today?” “Awesome, lets go!” They start walking home, but about A block away from Luna’s, A mysterious portal appears in front of them. “What the heck is this?” says Raven. I’m not sure, It looks kind of like the Nether portal from Minecraft, But can’t be!” Yikes,” says Raven “It’s Like, pulling me towards it!” “Me too,” says Luna “Help!” yells Raven! “I can’t!” Yells Luna! “It’s pulling me into!” “AHHH” scream both Luna and Raven as they get Sucked In.


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